Meet Us!

Woo Hoo!  Glad to meet you!  Let me introduce us.

This is Amanda.

She's awesome.  She is wife to Big M and mama to little E and little M. Mother and student extraordinaire! Currently studying to be a lactation consultant while earning her BSN.  She's the behind the scenes director. Amanda can be a little rough around the edges sometimes (hence thats why she stays behind the scenes!) but hey, a few years in the military can do that to anyone.

I'm Brittany.

I'm awesome too.  I'm wife to Big D and mama to mini E and big E.  I'm working on my doula and lactation consultant certification all while getting dinner in the oven on time.  

We're both aspiring midwives!  We like to live naturally... we boobie feed our babies, put cloth on their bottoms and try not to feed them too much taco bell.  We're passionate about normalizing birth and educating mamas everywhere, which is what we'll try to do here.  Don't be afraid if our passion overwhelms you, we don't bite! (at least not through the computer screen)  Happy Reading!

Lets not forget a shout out to our husbands, not only are they serving our country but they support us, and give us babies too!

(didja get all that?  It's okay, I won't hold it against you if you have to look again)