NEW PAGE! Natural Remedies

By Request.. a whole page full of natural remedies!  If you have any you'd like to add to the list, please email us at  Enjoy!

Note: All natural remedies may be used in conjunction with each other unless otherwise noted

*Taken by mouth/ingestion
***Both ingestion and topical application are effective.

Diaper rash:  Air dry, Cloth diaper, Chamomile**(see also fungal diaper rash)

Diaper rash/fungal:  Air Dry, Cloth wipes, Calendula, Tea Tree OilChamomile**

Ear Infection: Garlic Oil**, Breastmilk***, Colloidal Silver**

Eye Infection:  Breastmilk***, Colloidal Silver**

Heartburn: Papaya Enzyme

Perineal tear: Witch hazel (tucks pads)**, Aloe Vera (fresh ONLY)**, Vitamin E ***, Herbal sitz bath/bathPeri Bottle

Thrush/mouth: Gentian VioletAcidophilus***

Thrush/nipples: Air dry, breastmilk**, Gentian VioletAcidophilus***, CalendulaVinegar

Vaginal Yeast Infection: Probiotics (acidophilus, pill form)*, Plain Yogurt***, Garlic/garlic oil**