Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strawberry Milk

If your kid is like mine, he'll beg you every. single. time. at the grocery store to get strawberry milk.  You know, the nesquick kind that's chock full of sugar and artificial food colorings.  Since I don't enjoy the 'red 40' days we have around here, I've come up with a better solution.

It's one of those things thats so easy it isn't obvious.  I'm an overthinker, I can't help it.

Anywho, guilt free strawberry milk:

1 cup Rice or Almond Milk(I suppose you could use cows milk or soy milk, but we here at the crunchy corner aren't big fans of either)
3 frozen strawberries (fresh works, too :))

Blend and serve.  See?  I told you it's easy.

Big hit


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