Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is beautiful to you?

What is beautiful to you?  

What is beautiful to me...

The smell of a newborn, freshly earthside
Tiny purple fingernails
Little froggy legs that need 1 million and 1 kisses
The little whorl on the top of my baby's head
The tiniest snore
The snort before the latch
A two-bottom-teeth smile
That moment when your face becomes a teething toy
An 'I wuv you mama'
The giggle after the toot
An 'Uh, Ohhhh'
and a backwards wave goodbye

But would you like to know what is more beautiful than all of that?  The women that made it all happen.  The bodies that grew those froggie legs.  Skin that endured the tiny kicks that eventually evolved to big ones.  The souls mothers that love and love and love some more but somehow cannot love the marks that they worked so hard to get.  Well I think you're beautiful.

What is a real woman?  What is a perfect one?  There is no such thing.  We are all real and we are none perfect.  We bear the same scars but we are not the same.  We bear the same scars and so wear the same beauty.  That beauty is unconditional love. 

Hate leaves ugly scars, love leaves beautiful ones.
                                                            Mignon McLaughlin


Thank you to all of the BEAUTIFUL ladies that donated their photos!  I cannot tell you all how much I love you all.


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  2. Love it!! I too, am a woman who has endured pregnancy and the miracle of life....who now calls me...mama!! And I feel beautiful and special every time he says it!! :)